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Ever wonder how IND ranks for AirTran?

Looks like IND is one of AirTran's best stations. Which makes me wonder why they haven't expanded beyond their current levels. According to the report IND is AirTran's 4th most profitable station and 4 of the top 10 most profitable routes originate in IND.

Maybe with NW/DL pulling back service AirTran will add service this summer or perhaps this next winter. - Even Geeks Like To Eat.


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Probably from there nicely priced fares, I will be going to FL for Spring Break, and I've been checking out priceses. Yes, Airtran is not the cheapest, but in means of non-stop, they are #1

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I'm taking FL at the end of June to MCO. I've never flown with them before, so I'm pretty excited. I really hope they fill the NW/DL void.

Why do my favorite airlines end up going defunct??

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