Redesign Update

Page last updated September 20, 2017 at 4:30 pm

This website has not been updated in so long that I felt the redesign update page needed an overhaul as well.

I must admit that I became frustrated with the lack of any apparent progress at IND. With this lack of progress on IND's part came a lack of enthusiasm and motivation to work on this project on my part. It is difficult to commit the amount of time and energy necessary to develop a product that provides zero revenue, and whose sole purpose is to promote an organization that was making few strides to promote itself. Fortunately, the current leadership with the Indianapolis Airport Authority has done an exceptional job advancing the airport. With this exceptional leadership in place, I have once again found the desire to complete this project and do my part to help advance the Indianapolis International Airport.

The website functions currently in a read-only sense. You are able to view the content but are unable to contribute in any way. I have been working of late to add functionality that will allow you to create an account, log in, and participate on the site. This functionality takes quite a bit of time to develop but I will be enabling the ability to add content as each section gets completed. The first step is to complete the registration module, and password recovery module for existing accounts. After that, I will add in the ability for users to post and reply to comments in the forums.

Once the ability to post and reply to comments in the forums has been completed, I will move to updating the photo gallery. This will include a rework of how photographs are stored on the server. Once the storage system has been redesigned, I will add the ability for users to upload new photos. More functionality will be added to the gallery at a later date. At this time the priority will be on restoring the core functionality of this site. The different modules will be expanded out based on user demand and how the different features interact with each other.

If you have any suggestions for the site, comments, or bug reports, please use the Contact Us link on the left side of the page.