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AirTran IND flights. Includes August 16th and November 8th additions.

7:00am IND to ATL Flight 399
7:30am IND to FLL Flight 403
11:40am IND to SRQ Flight 401
11:45am IND to RSW Flight 395
11:45am IND to TPA Flight 411
1:50pm IND to ATL Flight 407
3:15pm IND to MCO Flight 409
4:31pm IND to ATL Flight 1715
6:00pm IND to MCO Flight 397
6:40pm IND to ATL Flight 405
7:50pm IND to ATL Flight 419

10:40am FLL to IND Flight 414
3:00pm RSW to IND Flight 396
8:30am MCO to IND Flight 394
11:00am MCO to IND Flight 410
2:30pm SQR to IND Flight 398
1:41pm TPA to IND Flight 412
5:45pm ATL to IND Flight 420
9:35am ATL to IND Flight 400
1:10pm ATL to IND Flight 402
4:30pm ATL to IND Flight 404
8:55pm ATL to IND Flight 406

The Arrivals will be updated later to reflect IND arrival times instead of their origination departure times. - Even Geeks Like To Eat.

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