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As mentioned a while ago, I was taking my first trip back to Indianapolis via airplane in quite a number of years ... first time back at the airport since right before January 2004 when I drove up from STL and flew out to New York.

At any rate, it was a pleasant trip back overall ... I flew ERJ's from Des Moines via St. Louis (after living there six years of my college life it was quite odd to be changing planes there) and into Indianapolis.

I'm not giving a full trip report, but we got off at Concourse B, and well, just as I remember it from a long time ago, but kind of surprised that it wasn't as "bright" as the neighboring Concourse C. Concourse C, which I took a stroll down, is very nice ... I like the signage and it's just been maitained quite nicely over the years.

It's a shame to see the observation deck gone...

The food court area is nice and bright and looks a lot better than a lot of other food courts in other airports. Too bad you can't really get good views of the airfield...

As far as the rest of the airport -- for being an older building, they've done a good job with the upkeep. I'll definitely miss it, that's for sure, but the new terminal they are building looks inviting.

It was neat to see all the remotely parked planes out on the tarmac with the morning departure. Despite this being the ERJ/CRJ age, it does seem as though the airport is grossly underserved with the jungle jets.

Flying back out I went on the Eagle 6 am CRJ to Chicago. It was packed to the brim. Speaking of underserved, I would think that this route would be mainline...but...whatever floats their boat, I guess.

Coming back I was very impressed with how IND has their B/C security set up -- hardly took any time at all and it was fast and efficient.


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I took that 6am CRJ to Chicago, yours was a -700 right? Yeah, they could easily run a mad dog on that route at that time.

Why do my favorite airlines end up going defunct??

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