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I am on my way to Orlando on Delta today. I flew out of IND at 8:25am and I am currently in the Delta Sky Club in the ATL T concourse. My Delta experience has been less than pleasant today. I arrived at IND very early and when I checked in I noticed the emergency rows were wide open. I go up to the agent at the counter and ask to have my assignments changed. She asked if I wanted window or aisle seats on the flights. I told her I wanted window seats. She changed both of my flights to row 33 window (emergency row on the 757). Zone 1 gets called for boarding and I go back to row 33. I look at my boarding pass and the agent had put me in the middle seat. I checked my ATL-MCO pass and she did the same. What in the world was she thinking? There was no line. There was no rush. There was no excuse for making an idiotic mistake like that.

So I get to ATL and ask an agent working the desk at gate T4 if she could change my seat assignment. She rudely ran me off telling me the flight didn't open for 45 more minutes. She directed me to the customer service desk. I get to the desk and ask to get my seat reassigned. The agent tells me the only seat is an aisle seat on row 39. Fine...It wasn't the emergency row I wanted but since she told me the seats were full I had to live with 39D. So I go up to the Sky Club in the T terminal and I was telling the person working the desk about my experience. She pulls up my fight and tells me those emergency row seats are indeed available and promptly switches me to row 16 aisle seat. It is nice that at least one Delta rep was able to do her job but I have no idea what excuse the others have for doing such a terrible job.

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Were they the employees that were rude to you?

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