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One of my flight attendant friends with Frontier came through St. Louis and we had a chance to hang out and talk about the airline and such. He actually is up in management now and flight attends part time, mainly for the fun of it.

I asked him how Frontier was out of Indianapolis and he said the Indy to Denver flights run very full most of the time and they might be adding an additional frequency in the summer time from Indy to Denver. And bookings are looking pretty good from Indy to Cancun as of now.

Usually he's been pretty dead on with what he has told me in the past, so good for Indy, and good for St. Louis as he told me there are still mumblings going on and on about additional services from St. Louis.

It appears that Frontier is looking at maxing their Denver capacity but also pulling a JetBlue out in the western part of the U.S. and doing some services here and there like JetBlue has out of Boston and Dulles. His superiors have talked to him about Frontier bringing back some expanded services from Los Angeles once again.

I still feel guilty since I've known him since about 1998 from his Northwest days and still have yet to fly Frontier. He's been with the company now about four years.

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