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I wanted to give praise to the TSA at IND and the designers of the passenger screening area. I've been through twice in a week now and the experience has been very pleasant. The area is very wide open and makes you feel more comfortable. The personnel seem very pleasant and the processing speed was great. I went up with my ticket and ID in one hand, my shoes under arm, and my bag in my other hand. I was done and putting my shoes back on in maybe 2 minutes. If that long. The full body scanner is really cool. I know it gives someone a soft tissue image of you but you don't get the impression someone is looking. It feels no different than walking through the normal metal detector but with a slight delay. If they could come up with something like that to eliminate the taking off of the shoes nonsense people would be much happier.

But in any case... I give TSA and the passenger screening an A+. Best I've seen in any airport. - Even Geeks Like To Eat.

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