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In the past I posted a review of the midfield terminal. I was really critical of some areas. The glare in the civic plaza was a problem. The clutter in the civic plaza was a problem. These two areas are either being worked on or have been taken care of.

I also had concerns with signage as you exit the concourses. I believe that has been improved as well. I arrived at IND today and noticed very large and clearly marked signs showing where to go to baggage claim and where to go to the B concourse from the A concourse.

I was concerned about the amount of ground transportation traffic at the terminal lower level. It seems that most of the ground transportation traffic now uses the road by the rental car station. I personally think premium long term parking shuttle service should use the same area but for now the arrangement is doable.

The exit from long term parking needs to be corrected. You basically come out of long term parking and are forced immediately in to traffic. There was an opportunity to construct a proper merge lane but for whatever reason that wasn't done. I strongly encourage the IAA to fix this problem and avoid certain accidents in the future.

Economy parking buses ran frequently. Props to them for providing a better level of service. The wait was extremely short. Yes the parking is a bit more expensive now but the buses came fast and often and the heater in the remote parking shelter worked great.

Airport Police responded to an incident in the long term parking area and the officer was very polite and professional.

On my way out of IND a week ago I had a chance to revisit security. I think the new IND security center and the TSA agents working here continue to remain top notch. We really do have the best security center in the nation.

I have issues with the service Delta provided but that is a rant for a different discussion. - Even Geeks Like To Eat.

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